Jay Chou: The Rhythm of the Rain / 聽見下雨的聲音 – English Translation

This song is filled with metaphors and constructions which you wouldn’t find in English. Also, the events described in the song are not chronological, and the person to whom they relate changes from line to line without necessarily being explicit about it… which is why I would give this song a difficulty rating of ‘medium-hard’. At least each line rhymes! Hopefully the notes are helpful.

There’s a dragonfly on the fence

The bottle [on the ground] has given birth to a small forest
[Lit. Glass bottle inside insert-full small-small forest]
[方文山 often describes the scenery at the start of each song. From the rest of the song, you can infer that the singer is visiting the house where he and his lover used to stay. Since it’s now springtime, plant-life has erupted everywhere, including inside a bottle that was somewhere on the premises.]

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Jay Chou: If you don’t love me, it’s fine (不愛我就拉倒) – English Translation

Lyrics by Jay Chou, as with songs like “Waiting for You” and “What Kind of Man?”.

寒流來了 剛好
It’s gotten cold at just the right time
[Lit. Cold front came, just right]

剛好可以 把你手放外套
So you can just put your hand into my coat
[外套: hoodie or coat; the type with pockets in any case]
[Lit. “just-right can take your hand put coat”]

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