Eldon Reeves

If you’re interested, here’s a little blurb about myself and this blog…


I was quite a good musician on quite a few different instruments, but then university started to be obstructive.  Kept up the flute and piano a couple of years, and then realized I couldn’t really afford lessons any more, and neither could I spare the time.

In 2013, I took up the flute again seriously, and about a year later I finally passed grade 8 flute (with distinction!).  However, after passing, I realized that since becoming a performer was unrealistic and risky, and since teaching was not my cup of tea, the music has sadly been sidelined in favor of a career of an entirely different sort.


Back in the early 2000s, I spent a while learning Japanese, because I liked Nintendo and Nintendo came from Japan.

Then, I noticed that whereas I only knew a couple of Japanese people, I had plenty of Chinese friends, so in 2010 I got on a plane and came to work in Hong Kong.

Having now been here for four years, I have successfully learned both Cantonese and Mandarin to a very high standard.

Indeed, I think I have already attained the original goals that I set myself of fluency and literacy, but, of course, there are always more books to read, TV shows to watch, people to joke around with and essays to practice.

As for the title ‘Thousand Mile Journey’ – there is an oft-quoted Chinese proverb which says “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Wise words, but they fail to emphasize the most important thing – that the rest of the journey is also made up of single steps. It’s sometimes difficult to keep this in mind over the course of long journeys – we want to reach our destination faster, we want to reach it now, even when it’s not physically possible.

Anyway, pretentious blathering over – hopefully there’s something here that’s interesting to you.  Thanks for visiting! 🙂

(Last updated: 6th January 2015)