‘Blackthorn City Swing’ (flute arrangement with sheet music + backing MP3)

Edit (2018/06/15): I’ve now de-listed this video from YouTube because I now realise the mixing is… not up to standard. There’s no compression and no EQing, and the orchestra swell is too much at the end. It’s something I might re-visit in the distant future, though.

Anyway, I re-imagined the theme for Blackthorn City/Azelea Town as a swing piece. You can hear most of a big band, and an array of strings, with a flute as the main instrument.

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Orchestral arrangement: Karagol Waves (Golden Sun)

For this arrangement, I added a little bit of extra harmonisation and extra voicings/instruments (no pizzicato in the original, unsurprisingly). The second half (1:04) starts the repeat in the relative minor, to avoid being overly repetitive by looping too quickly. I also added an entirely new section at 1:20, also in the relative minor, to add further contrast to the first half and the ending.

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