Jay Chou: What Kind of Man / 算什麼男人 – English Translation


算什麼男人 was a big hit a couple of years back! Lyrically, it’s quite difficult: there are a few 成語 and metaphors that just don’t lend themselves directly to English, so the idiomatic and literal translations differ quite a lot. As far as lyrics penned by Jay Chou himself go, though, it’s pretty good, and the melody isn’t challenging, so most people will be able to sing with you if you put it on at karaoke.

親吻你的手 還靠著你的頭
Kissing your hand and holding you close
[Lit. Kiss your hand, also lean on your head]

讓你躺胸口 那個人已不是我
Letting you lie on his chest… that man isn’t me any more
[那個人已不是我: that person already not me]

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Crowd Lu: Can you hear me / 聽見了嗎 – English translation

Another Crowd Lu song from 2009, again with lots of simple words – ideal for lower-intermediate learners and above. It’s again ambiguous who Crowd is singing to – I feel like it could be someone who passed away as much as it could be a past lover.

我只想看著你 用任何距離
I just want to see you; any distance will do
[用任何距離: lit. ‘Use any distance’]

非常安靜 飄過一片雲
Clouds drift by in the silence
[Lit. Very quiet; drift by one [counter] cloud]

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Crowd Lu: When I’m at my loneliest / 最寂寞的時候 – English translation

Crowd Lu is a Taiwanese singer that Mandarin learners should be listening to. His lyrics are primarily not typical love-song fodder, and are generally pretty easy to learn, containing lots of basic verbs. As for genre, his songs tend to be either easy-listening or pop-rock, with a lot of the instrumentation revolving around acoustic guitars, which also makes a nice departure if you’re sick of brokenhearted string-fests.

This particular song is about losing someone, but the lyrics are actually very opaque about whether it’s a lover. Without further ado…

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Jay Chou: If you don’t love me, it’s fine (不愛我就拉倒) – English Translation

Lyrics by Jay Chou, as with songs like “Waiting for You” and “What Kind of Man?”.

寒流來了 剛好
It’s gotten cold at just the right time
[Lit. Cold front came, just right]

剛好可以 把你手放外套
So you can just put your hand into my coat
[外套: hoodie or coat; the type with pockets in any case]
[Lit. “just-right can take your hand put coat”]

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