Jay Chou: A Little Bit / 一點點 (English Translation)

「一點點」 is a nice little song from Jay’s last album, and isn’t too hard to learn – the lyrics are pretty colloquial. It’s about a guy who never paid any attention to his girlfriend, who eventually left him. (Who should we feel sorry for more?)

Non-literal translation, with notes for bits that are very non-literal, below.

幾次爭辯 幾次的失眠
A few arguments, a few sleepless nights

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Jay Chou: Love Confession / 告白氣球 (English translation)

This is my non-literal (but not quite idiomatic) translation of Jay Chou’s song “Love confession”. The lyrics have a couple of references to places in France, which I had to look up. Overall though, it’s not a hard song to learn (unlike, say, “What Kind of Man” from the same album), and is super sweet~

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Jay Chou: Waiting for you (English translation) / 周杰倫:等你下課(英文翻譯)

The lyrics here are pretty easy, and were written by Jay himself, as with his newest song “If you don’t love me, it’s fine”. They lack the poetry (and rhyme) of Vincent Fang’s lyrics, but for Mandarin learners, I guess they’re pretty great. This is my mostly non-literal translation, with some notes in square brackets.

你住的巷子裡 我租了一間公寓
I’ve rented a flat in the street where you live

So that we might meet by chance

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