Jam Hsiao: Where Are You?/ 蕭敬騰: 你會在哪呢?- English translation

This song – a classic break-up song – is not too tricky to learn or sing. The lyrics illustrate nicely the way in which tenses in English often don’t have a 1:1 relationship with those in Chinese. For example, the title “你會在哪呢?”, for example, is not really “where will be you be”, but “where are you?”. The first couple of lines are really hypothetical statements, but are just written as simple statements (apparently of fact) in Chinese.

As always, I’ve included both idiomatic and literal translations, along with a few extra notes.

趕走的是瘋癲 我 一個人待
Running away would be crazy; I’d be all on my own

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