Crowd Lu: Seven Days / 七天 – English translation

This is another easy song, which is about a guy who just needs a little more time. It’s not explicitly specified what he needs the time for; although it’s probably related to a girl, it could also be that he’s asking for an extension for an assignment. Who knows?

我真的沒有辦法 我真的快要睡著
I’m all out of ideas; I’m about to fall asleep
[Lit. I really no method; I really quickly sleep]

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Crowd Lu: Can you hear me / 聽見了嗎 – English translation

Another Crowd Lu song from 2009, again with lots of simple words – ideal for lower-intermediate learners and above. It’s again ambiguous who Crowd is singing to – I feel like it could be someone who passed away as much as it could be a past lover.

我只想看著你 用任何距離
I just want to see you; any distance will do
[用任何距離: lit. ‘Use any distance’]

非常安靜 飄過一片雲
Clouds drift by in the silence
[Lit. Very quiet; drift by one [counter] cloud]

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Crowd Lu: When I’m at my loneliest / 最寂寞的時候 – English translation

Crowd Lu is a Taiwanese singer that Mandarin learners should be listening to. His lyrics are primarily not typical love-song fodder, and are generally pretty easy to learn, containing lots of basic verbs. As for genre, his songs tend to be either easy-listening or pop-rock, with a lot of the instrumentation revolving around acoustic guitars, which also makes a nice departure if you’re sick of brokenhearted string-fests.

This particular song is about losing someone, but the lyrics are actually very opaque about whether it’s a lover. Without further ado…

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