William Wei – I’d still (韋禮安 – 還是會)

I enjoyed watching “我可能不會愛你” a few years back. Brainless, maybe, but that’s what second-language learners really want, right? This is a super-fast translation my favourite song from the show. It’s super easy to learn, so knock yourself out.

在日出之前 能不能再看一眼 你的臉
Before the sun rises, can I get another glimpse of your face ?

在離開以前 能不能再說一些 真心的諾言
Before you leave, can you give me another promise, from the bottom of your heart?
[Lit. at leave before, can-not-can again say some heartfelt promises]

能不能給我 更多的時間 就躺在你的身邊
Can you give me more time, lying by my side?

把這畫面 你靜靜的臉 溫柔的肩 記在心裡面
I want to always remember this image of you, sleeping peacefully
[Lit. take this image, you quiet face, gentle shoulders, remember at heart inside]


還是會 害怕 醒來不在你身邊的時候
But still I’m scared, that when I wake up I’m not by your side

害怕 從此不在你左右
Scared that we won’t be together
[Lit. Scared from now now at you left-right]

或許我 還是會 還是會 還是會不知所措
Maybe I’ll, I’ll, I’ll not know what to do
[Lit. Maybe I’ll, still will, still will, still will not know what to do]
[不知所措 is a common 成語]

In the future if I’m not around

你會不會 太寂寞
Would you miss me?
[Last two lines: From now afterwards no me, you would-not-would too lonely?]
[This is a good example of one of those lines which is really an ‘if’ question, where a direct equivalent of ‘if’ doesn’t appear.]


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