L2IR Karaoke

This is a post from my old blog, from 2011. It’s part of a series of resurrected older posts that I still think are useful for language learning. This particular post has been edited for clarity and brevity.

Ages ago I wrote about using an SRS for learning L2 songs.  I’d been elaborately chopping up songs and pasting the audio into SRS cards along with lyrics snippets.

And you know what?  It worked really well.  I learnt quite a few Cantonese songs that way.  The only problems were that splicing and dicing the audio using Audacity took too long and that forcibly listening to the 10-12 second audio clips grated a little after a while.


So, I used the L2IR (Second Language Incremental Reading) format that I’d been using for other Chinese text and applied it to some songs I wanted to learn in an entirely new deck.  It includes both Cantonese and Mandarin songs, differentiated by differently coloured flashcard text.

The difference this time is that I’ve not been adding audio to the cards.  The requirement of each card is just to read the text, followed, where necessary, by reading/singing the verse it comes from. When it gets to the point where I can read through the entire song fluently, then the secondary challenge of actually singing the lyrics, up to speed, is dealt with outside of Anki (i.e. just with lyrics and MP3 file). This simplifies the preparation of cards enormously, meaning more time can be spent actually learning.

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