Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Title Theme (Orchestration + Sheet Music)

Not a translation today; skip if you’re not interested in orchestral music or composition. I threw this together in the day after the title for the new Fire Emblem was announced, because I enjoyed the trailer so much.

There are a few more instruments playing than are shown: there is a tuba playing in the C0-C1 range, a second trumpet playing mostly an octave below the first one, a second bass playing an octave below the one shown, and also an all-male choir. There’s a synth bass in the first part, but it’s a little hard to pick out, and… there’s also a lot of percussion. The drums started out life as Logic’s auto-drummer with the pattern changed every eight bars, but after exporting as MIDI, I did a little more work to them.

There is slightly velocity change in this piece via automation, but no humanisation plugin was used.

The flute is a real Yamaha, with limited post-processing applied. (Specifically: adding a little gain and reverb; EQing up 600 and 5kHz; minor pitch and position correction.)

The piano isn’t audible for the whole piece, but the part shown gives you the chords for most of it.

The pizzicato in the buildup stage is new, as is the menacing staccato bass. The harp that plays at the end is also completely new, and is based vaguely on Motoi Sakuraba’s harp runs – they kind of run up and down, but they’re not exactly playing arpeggios. The melody in parts is altered a little from the original too, in places.

I adapted the quieter voice part for flute, which then led into an altered repetition of the buildup section. The strings playing the horn part was something I thought would be cool for mixing up the tune, and hopefully comes off as a little surprising after the buildup.

Sheet music – orchestral score

The flute part is here:

Flute PDF

The two violins are here (one of them goes down a tone out of the standard range of a violin; I will fix this later if I get time):

Violin PDF

The score that you can see on the video is here:

Full Score PDF

The piano chords and melody (with chord letters):

Piano PDF

Sheet music: full melody in different keys

The entire melody, transposed for C, Eb and Bb instruments (the latter two being useful for saxophones), is contained in the three PDFs here:

C Flute/Violin PDF

Eb Sax PDF

Bb Sax PDF

Audio Files

The original MP3 file is here:

(I know most people who want the file will download it directly from Soundcloud or Youtube, which is fine, although this version is the one directly exported from Logic. I will investigate a bit later whether it’s possible to increase the sound quality further.)

I have now put up download links for the .mp3, .flac and .wav files. They are in the song description of the video. There is also a link for the basic chords and melody in MIDI format, which is more than enough if you want to do your own remix~ 😉

Finally, I did a quick chiptune version last night for fun:


The CD you get with the special edition of FE Echoes showcases the difference between the original 8-bit music and the 3DS orchestrations… so this is kinda similar, I guess. (There are much more talented chiptune artists than me out there, so do listen to this with a grain of salt!)

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