Crowd Lu: I’ve lost it / 就像白癡一樣 – English Translation

This is a silly but fun song. The singer is in love, and it’s making him forgetful and have delusions of grandeur. There are some basic grammar structures repeated here though, so it’s worth listening to and/or learning.

Thank you very much; you are welcome

就算一無所有 還是要有禮貌
Even if you’ve got nothing, it pays to be polite
[一無所有: a 成語. Also, these lines are a classic case of being very non-specific about who is being referred to. Not that it makes too much sense in any case!]

我手錶不見了~ 連昨天才買的長筒襪也統統不見了~喔~怎麼會這樣
I’ve lost my watch; the socks that I bought yesterday are missing too; oh, what’s gone wrong?
[This is just as ridiculous as the translation looks. Notes: 長筒襪 are specifically long socks, as opposed to 短筒襪 or even just regular 襪子; ‘怎麼會這樣’ is kind of a rhetorical exclamation, similar to “what’s gone wrong?” or “what’s up?”]

雖然智慧的大腦 放在我的腦袋裡 非常的剛好
I’ve got a smart brain and it’s perfect for me
[‘雖然智慧的大腦 放在我的腦袋裡’: ‘although wise brain put at my head inside’. ‘非常的剛好’: ‘really just-right’]

但鏡子裡那個人 怎麼看起來是如此的空空蕩蕩
But how come the person in the mirror looks so spaced out?
[如此的: a slightly more formal/comical way of saying 這麼的 or 這樣的, both of which mean ’so’, as in ‘a degree of something’. Similarly, the common expression 原來如此 is identical to 原來這樣 or 原來是這樣的.]

我就像 白癡一樣
I’ve lost it
[This is literally “I exactly like idiot same”. 白癡 can almost always be directly translated as “idiot” or “fool”, but in the context of this song, it’s more like “someone who’s lost it”. This is because the singer is really just being a bit preoccupied and absent-minded.]

剛才想要說什麼 下一秒就全忘掉
Forgetting what I want to say the moment I think of it
[Lit. Just-now want say what, next second then all forget]

OH YEAH!!~  I’m in love 你相信嗎?
Oh yeah! I’m in love; can you believe it?

我就像 白癡一樣
I’m a fool

展開英雄般的冒險 搭上一條小船 漂在大西洋
Going on a grand adventure… getting on a tiny little boat a drifting in the ocean
[Lit. Open hero same adventure; get on one (counter) little boat; float/drift at Atlantic]
[There is a wide variety of sentence patterns that you can use to indicate that things are the same or similar; I have summarised a lot of them in this article.]

我決定要往那 聰明的海岸慢慢划
I’ve decided that I’m going to row to smarter shores
[慢慢 ‘slowly’ is redundant in English. At most you could say ‘take my time rowing’, but it gets very wordy.]

Where there are smart stones and a smart talking dog
[Again, the lyrics are… delightfully absurd]

在聰明的海岸上 你對我招手
And on those smart shores, you’d beckon me over
[Another one of those ‘hypothetical statements’; another full article just waiting to be written!]

Last line:
到了我會寫Email給你啊 好不好
When I get there I’ll fire you an email… okay?

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