Crowd Lu: Mosquito / 蚊子 – English Translation

Continuing this run of easy-to-learn Crowd Lu (盧廣仲) songs, here’s my translation of ‘Mosquito’ (蚊子). There are fewer lines to learn than most of his numbers, and two useful 成語 to pick up here. This song is funny because the mosquito that he’s addressing is never explicitly called out – if you ask other people to guess from the lyrics, they’ll probably just assume the target of the song is someone, rather than something.

終於 你還是靠了過來
You’re back, at last
[Lit. At-last, you still approached over-come]

早知道 你會在夏天回來
I knew all along that you’d be back in the summer

但到了冬天 你怎麼還會在
But winter? How come you’re still here?
[Lit. But arrive winter, you how still will exist]
[I believe that 怎麼 being used for the meaning of ‘why’ is more common in Taiwanese Mandarin than other types]

還要我接受這霸道的愛 毅然決然
I’m not going to give in to your relentless, in-your-face love
[Lit. Even want me accept this in-your-face love; completely-unrelenting]
[毅然決然 / yì rán júe rán is a 成語 meaning something like ‘never giving up’ or ‘completely unrelenting’]

I implore you not to come again

I just can’t take it any more
[More literally: I really feel frustrated]
[ㄟ is Bopomofo and is equivalent to Pinyin ‘e’. Interestingly, the Japanese kana へ is pronounced ‘he’ or ‘e’ as well, and reflects a common origin. You see ㄟ a lot in the lyrics to Mandarin songs sung by Taiwanese artists.]
[有夠煩 is literally ‘have enough troubles’; ‘有夠’ means something like ‘very’ and is more characteristic of Taiwanese than Mandarin, so you won’t see it very often.]

You’ve never asked [me]

And I’ve never reciprocated
[Lit. ‘I also never respond [past tense] your love’]

I implore you not to come again

In an ideal world, no-one should get hurt
[Lit. ‘World peace shouldn’t have hurt’; although 世界和平 is usually ‘world peace’, I don’t think that’s quite what’s meant here.]

請你走開 除非你改過向善
So unless you’re going to turn over a new leaf… please just leave
[Lit. ‘Please you leave, unless you turn-over-a-new-leaf’; ‘改過向善’ is a 成語]

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