Crowd Lu: Cafeteria Feliz / 開心餐廳 – English Translation

開心餐廳 contains a lot of very basic vocab and grammar, so is great for lower intermediate students. This is one of my favorite Crowd Lu songs, because it’s just so darned funny – it’s all about a restaurant that he’d like to open. He goes through the song describing what he’d buy and how he’d run it; the cutest thing is that he puts the emphasis on making friends. If this isn’t an antidote to all those sorrowful love songs that permeate the world of Chinese music, I don’t know what is.

昨天晚上夢見 我開了一間店
I had a dream last night in which I’d set up shop

Selling coffee and deserts
[一些: ‘a little/some’, redundant in English]

材料非常新鮮 價錢不會太貴
I used only the freshest ingredients but made everything affordable
[Lit. Ingredients very fresh, price not too expensive]

If you’re looking for me, I’ll be at the market
[Lit. Want find me then at marketplace side; 旁邊 is redundant]

而我慢慢發現 這需要大智慧
I slowly came to realize that I needed a clever plan
[Lit. And I slowly realize this requires big intelligence]

面對新的世界 需要一些新口味
A new world demands new flavours
[Lit. Facing new world requires some new flavours]

態度應該正面 用快樂去調味
Gotta stay positive while cooking
[Lit. Attitude should positive; use happiness go edit-flavour]

I sure hope that every dish I make can be perfect
[Lit. Hope each [counter] dish also can perfect]

I pick up some apples at the market
[Lit. We at the market trade apples]
[As I understand it, ‘交換蘋果’ basically means ‘I give you an apple, and you give me another one in return’. Obviously, it makes more sense if he trades money for them, so I think that money being involved in the trade is implied.]

可能還需要奶油香蕉 你有沒有
I think I need some butter and bananas too – you have any?
[Lit. Maybe also need butter bananas; you have-not-have?]
[奶油香蕉 is not a long compound noun! 和 (‘and’) is dropped here, probably to make the line scan, but it is acceptable usage.]

Thaaaank you for the extras
[Lit. Thank thank thank you give present give me]
[At least in markets in Hong Kong, vendors will typically give you spring onions for free if you spend more than a few dollars… which is what I think this is referring to.]

你喜歡吃甚麼我請客 交個朋友
I’ll treat you to whatever you like to eat, friend!
[Lit. You like eat what I treat guest, make a friend]

Dalala woo~~~~~~
When you’re hungry, what do you want to eat?

Adding a little warmth and humor to this town
[Lit. Give town add warmth humor]
[Another example of not having to add ‘和’ for listing out nouns; however, this time, you could also reasonably interpret 溫暖幽默 as ‘warm humor’ (see also 黑色幽默, ‘black humor’)]

在開心餐廳 裡有很多~~~
We have everything “Cafeteria Feliz”
[Lit. At “Happy Restaurant” inside have many”
[I can’t imagine anyone in English-speaking countries calling an eatery “Happy Restaurant”, so I picked something Spanish-sounding. Crowd speaks some Spanish, after all!]

這是夢 可愛的夢
This is a dream, a wonderful dream
[可愛的夢: ‘cute/lovable dream’]

我一定會 記在心頭
There’s no way I’ll forget…
[Lit. I definitely will remember at heart]

記得你 細心對我
…you being so considerate
[Lit. Remember you considerate to me]

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