Crowd Lu: Seven Days / 七天 – English translation

This is another easy song, which is about a guy who just needs a little more time. It’s not explicitly specified what he needs the time for; although it’s probably related to a girl, it could also be that he’s asking for an extension for an assignment. Who knows?

我真的沒有辦法 我真的快要睡著
I’m all out of ideas; I’m about to fall asleep
[Lit. I really no method; I really quickly sleep]

誰能夠給我幫忙 我一定用力的擁抱他
I need help! [I think] I’m just going to go and hug her
[Lit. Who can give me help; I definitely strongly hug her]
[誰能夠……: this is a type of rhetorical question common in Chinese but less common in English. It crops up in a lot of song lyrics.]

嘿 再給我一點時間
Give me a little more time
[Lit. Again give me a little time]

如果可以 那再給我多七天
If you can, give me another seven days

I’ll be sure to think of something
[Lit. I definitely can think out something]

Come and save me! I’m right on the brink
[Lit. Come save me at cliff edge]

七天 七天 七天 再給我七天
Seven days; give me another seven days

七天 七天 也可以到永遠
Seven days, seven days; we can be together forever
[也可以到永遠 is literally ‘also can arrive forever’. It’s not clear whether he’s asking for more time to get his act together or whether he’s suggesting the target of the song could be with him forever; I’m guessing that it’s the latter.]

我想做的 永遠都跟不上改變
What I want to do can never keep up with change

Change needs to be faced with courage

我看得清楚 我看得非常清楚
I can see clearly, really clearly

如果真的要改變 那麼再給我七天
If I’m really going to change, I’ll need another seven days
[The 那麼 here means ‘in this case’, which is redundant here in English]

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