Crowd Lu: Oh Yeah! – English translation

This is a hilariously easy song to learn, and is about… enjoying yourself. So, enjoy!

你有話想說 又不敢說
You’ve got something to say, but don’t dare say it

It’s okay – we’ve known each other for such a long time

一起走過 很多時候
We’ve traveled together most of the time
[Lit. Together walk across many times]

The sun, and not the moon, is in the afternoon sky
[Lit. Have sun afternoon no moon sky]

Oh 我在氧氣裡面看見你
In the fresh air I see you
[Lit. I in oxygen inside see you ← no idea why he specifically says ‘oxygen’ XD]

As beautiful as a film star
[See this post for many more examples of comparisons]

And just at that moment you tell me

Oh 我真的聽到你對我說
Oh, I really heard you tell me

Oh yeah!你說你說你說你喜歡我
Oh yeah! You said you like me!

I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t control

Oh 因為我也有一點心動
Oh because my heart skipped a beat
[Lit. because I also have a little heart movement]

我說 我喜歡喜歡聽聽 Rock’n roll
I say I like to listen to rock ’n’ roll

快跟著我一起保護地球 從今以後
Come and protect the Earth with me; from today onwards
[快 here is redundant in English, and just gives a bit of urgency to the sentence]

不用想太多 只要大聲說 Oh yeah
There’s no need to overthink things; just yell ‘oh yeah’!

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