Flute duet: Under a Full Moon (original arrangement + sheet music)

I arranged the theme from Garoh for flutes (obviously) and orchestra. There are actually three recorded three flute parts, although I only filmed two of them.

The piano accompanies throughout, alternating between ‘waltz’ chords and arpeggiation. There is also a mid-sized string section, as well as other woodwinds and a choir, although I toned down the latter two so as not to overpower the flutes.

The section from 0:32 to 1:36 is original. The chords from 1:20 to 1:36 mostly match those of the ending, although the melody is different.

Harmonically, I chose not to change too much this time. There’s a minor 7th IV at 2:26 where there should be a major VI, and I ended on the relative major (the original loops endlessly). The chords are included in the PDF for the sheet music:


As far as mixing of the instruments is concerned, I applied some reverb to the flutes, as well as a little gain. I think it’s quite similar to the original sound of the flutes. (The acoustics in my recording ‘studio’ are not bad!) I think the tone is much better overall than the last piece that I tried, but I still have much to learn.

I still had some difficulties keeping the C’s in tune, as well as high E to G, but altered the standard fingering slightly to flatten them back down. If anyone wants the sheet music, ask, and it shall be uploaded!

P.S. This is the second version of this tune that I’ve done. The other one (in retrospect with a lot of room for improvement) is here:

The original GBA tune is here:

Other stuff

A ‘dry’ version of the flutes (no orchestra, all reverb stripped out) is below:

I felt like using reverb was appropriate for this piece, so some of the notes end a little oddly if played dry. (If played to full length when dry, they would otherwise have overrun when other effects were applied).

This is a slightly edited mix to try to improve the ending:

And these are the wonky bass segments from where the duet starts (before and after correction):

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