Jay Chou: You Are Everywhere / 哪裡都是你 (English translation)

This is a very easy song to learn, in terms of both the lyrics and the melody. It’s another breakup song. Enjoy~

Forget her

Tell yourself again and again

That everything has changed
[Lit. the familiar is no longer familiar]

But everything is still as clear as ever
[Lit. but clear still the same clear]

喔 去吧

Go with the tune the right hand is playing
[Lit. Follow the right hand’s melody]

Forget the pain in your left hand
[Lit. Forget the left hand’s anguish]
[委屈 has no direct equivalent in English; it’s just something like ‘be wronged’]

Even without accompaniment, you can still carry on
[These three lines are talking about a pianist, who needs two hands to play properly. The ‘left hand’ symbolises his lover, who has left him. 伴奏 is specifically a musical accompaniment, but is extended in meaning here to mean his lover.]

前進 找尋新的記憶和空氣
Move forwards, look for new memories and [fresh] air

放晴 等雨說放棄
The weather will clear up; I’m waiting for the rain to give up
[Lit. Become sunny; wait for the rain to say ‘give up’]

While my tears are raining down
[Lit. In the rain of tears]

You are everywhere

[But] after wiping the tears away, I can’t see you any more
[Lit. wipe dry ‘whether’, then cannot see you]

腦海裡 你的笑容太徹底
In my head I can see see your smile clearly
[徹底 is usually translated as ‘thoroughly’, but this wouldn’t make sense here]

Utterly trapping me in your every breath

And I cry
[Lit. ‘I follow cry’, which could be interpreted as him crying at every breath in which he’s trapped]

While my tears are raining down

You are everywhere

Holding on to you tightly is my way of escaping [reality]

太擁擠 我在你的世界裡
There’s not enough room for us when I am in your world
[Lit. Too tight, I am in your world]

And I can’t see if it’s me or you

We’re both waiting for the rain to stop

Comments on or questions about this translation are welcome! 🙂 Click here for other translations~

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