Jay Chou: Love Confession / 告白氣球 (English translation)

This is my non-literal (but not quite idiomatic) translation of Jay Chou’s song “Love confession”. The lyrics have a couple of references to places in France, which I had to look up. Overall though, it’s not a hard song to learn (unlike, say, “What Kind of Man” from the same album), and is super sweet~

塞納河畔 左岸的咖啡
Coffee on the left bank of the Seine
[The Seine is a river in France]

我手一杯 品嚐你的美
Mug in hand, tasting your beauty

Where your mouth left a mark

花店玫瑰 名字寫錯誰
[I bought] roses at the florist, but they spelt your name wrong
[名字寫錯誰 is not usual syntax for spoken Mandarin, but could literally be interpreted as “Who wrote the name wrong?”. Also, rhetorical questions involving 誰 are quite common in Chinese lyrics, possibly because -ei is a convenient rhyme.]

告白氣球 風吹到對街
I wrote “I love you” on a balloon and the wind carried it across the street
[告白氣球 is literally “confession balloon”, which does not constitute idiomatic English]

My smile was floating in the sky

你說你有點難追 想讓我知難而退
You said you were hard to please; you wanted to let me know it would be hard, so that I would give up
[難追 is literally “hard to chase”]

禮物不需挑最貴 只要香榭的落葉
You don’t need the most expensive presents, just a fallen leaf from the Avenue des Champs-Élysées
[The full name for 香榭 is 香榭麗舍大道]

營造浪漫的約會 不害怕搞砸一切
I’ll arrange a romantic date, and won’t worry about screwing everything up

擁有你就擁有 全世界
To have you is to have the world

親愛的 愛上你 從那天起
My dear, from the day I fell in love with you

Being sweet has been so easy

親愛的 別任性 你的眼睛
My dear, stop playing around; your eyes
[任性 is often translated as ‘capricious’]

Are saying “I do”

# Repeat all

親愛的 愛上你 戀愛日記
My dear, I fell in love with you; our love
[Literally: My dear, fall in love with you, love diary]

is full of memories tinged with perfume
[Literally: floats perfumed memories]

一整瓶 的夢境 全都有你
A whole bottle of dreams, and you’re in every one

Mixed together with me
[It’s not clear if it’s mixed with the narrator or with the dreams, but I guess it’s the former]

親愛的別任性 你的眼睛
My dear, stop playing around; your eyes

Are saying “I do”

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