Jay Chou: Shouldn’t Be / 不該 (English Translation)

The theme of this song is obviously snow, and there are several metaphors built around this idea. Enjoy~

假裝我們還在一塊 我真的演不出來
I just can’t pretend that we’re still together

還是不習慣你不在 這身份轉變太快
I’m not yet used to you not being around; it all happened too quickly
[這身份轉變太快 is literally ‘my identity changed too quickly]

畫面裡不需要旁白 卻誰都看得出來
The scene doesn’t need explanation; anyone can tell
[畫面裡不需要旁白 is literally ‘in the scene, no narration is needed’]

是我情緒湧了上來 想哭卻一片空白
That my emotions are all building up; I want to cry but my mind is blank

雪地裡相愛 他們說零下 已結晶的誓言不會壞
Our love for each other is in the snow: they say that promises made in the freezing cold will last forever
[雪地裡相愛: ‘mutual love is in the snowfields’]
[他們說零下 已結晶的誓言不會壞 is literally ‘they say that at below freezing, crystallized promises won’t go bad’]

但愛的狀態 卻不會永遠 都冰封而透明的存在
But love won’t always stay frozen
[Literally ‘but love’s state won’t forever exist as frozen and transparent]

輕輕飄 落下來 許下的夢 融化得太快
Gently floating, falling down, the dream we wished for has melted too quickly

Perhaps we shouldn’t have woken up


你還是住在我的回憶裡 不出來
You’re still in my memories

讓我們微笑離開 讓故事留下來
Let our smiles leave, but let the story stay

放手後 愛依然在
After letting go, love still exists

雪融了 就應該花開
Flowers will bud after the snow melts

緣若盡了 就不該再重來
If it’s not our destiny, we shouldn’t try again

你依舊住在我的回憶裡 不出來
You’re still in my memories

我離開將你的手交給 下個最愛(合:最愛)
When I leave I’ll give your hand to your next love

糾纏與固執等待 反而是另一種傷害
Intertwinement and stubbornness await us; it’s just another type of pain

彼此緊握的手鬆開 去擁抱更多未來
Our grip on each others’ hands loosens, and so we can embrace the future

錯過的時間怎麼買 誰都付不出來
How can we buy lost time? No-one can pay the price

或許我們學會釋懷 讓過去安靜下來
Perhaps we should learn to let go, and just let the past be
[讓過去安靜下來 is literally ‘let the past become silent’]

Chorus x2

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