Piano Arrangement: Cianwood Sea (Pokémon GSC)

This is the theme that plays in both Ecruteak City and Cianwood City. Possibly the biggest change that I made is the time signature to 6/8 to give it a lilting feel that one might get when living near the sea (as in the case of the latter).

I switched up some of the chords, too: for example, there’s a minor fourth chord at 0:16 (much more fun than ending on a major fifth); and the piano later finishes temporarily on the relative minor at 2:00, which is a variation on a trick commonly used by Mozart.

Flutes and bassoons come in on the second iteration, whilst the piano persists throughout. I am still not entirely happy with the string section – I couldn’t get the timbre quite right.

Comments are welcome! ^_^

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