Orchestral arrangement: Karagol Waves (Golden Sun)

For this arrangement, I added a little bit of extra harmonisation and extra voicings/instruments (no pizzicato in the original, unsurprisingly). The second half (1:04) starts the repeat in the relative minor, to avoid being overly repetitive by looping too quickly. I also added an entirely new section at 1:20, also in the relative minor, to add further contrast to the first half and the ending.

This is the second track I’ve done using Logic, which allows for much better handling of many tracks than the crippled Garageband, hence the number of instruments involved – there are full string and brass sections, as well as flutes (my favourite!) and a bassoon. The timpani I added as a bit of an afterthought, and I probably used more pitches than practical for a real orchestral arrangement.

The harmony of the piece is quite interesting: the key is C, but the second bar introduces a major second, giving it that hopeful feel. Near the end of this piece, it modulates briefly into Bb. I have a vague recollection that the sailing theme from the Wind Waker does both of these things too (although in a different key, I think), so maybe this type of harmony is characteristic of brave sailing tunes.

Finally: I arranged this piece mostly ‘from the ground up’, but quite a lot of it turned out like this other excellent orchestration, which is well worth a listen:


Comments and feedback welcome as always; I’m well aware this piece isn’t perfect!

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